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Compressors, Buffers, noise gates, etc


Falcon EQ


Falcon EQ – Temporary Building Doc


The Blender


The Blender – Temporary Building Doc


Benzin EQ


Benzin EQ – Temporary Building Doc


Project overview:

High fidelity Optical compressor based on Earthquaker Devices ‘The Warden’ Features an internal charge pump to give your tone plenty of headroom.

Drives & Fuzz

Mids Obsession


Project overview:

Based on JHS Haunting Mids, this simple, yet extremely sound-defining pedal is a highly versatile tool able to switch up your sound. Metal players will love it for the added sharpness, while blues players can reduce the mids to let highs and lows shine through for sweet leads.


Drives & Fuzz

Dirty Crazy Pack

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For the lovers of thick saturated drives and fuzzes + all the crazy ambient and oscillation, you can ever imagine in one pedalboard. This pack includes Fuzz Blaster Echo Nightmare Eagle Claw Black Musket Ghost Device Dirt Device La Rata Multi-board   Like always we include and EZ 3pdt board for each pedal to keep [...]

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Have you ever wonder how it will be an Acapulco gold with extended EQ? or how nice it would be a Tube screamer with an active EQ section? Maybe Wampler Plexi with the Eq Section of the Freeman Be-od to make your own ultimate plexi? Well now all of that is possible with our new EQ pack, consisting of 5 modular boards with the isolated tone controls of some of the most famous pedals out there.
We created the EQ packs answering our need of creating and developing new projects. This set of 5 different EQ sections had been designed with the idea of being an add-on to any of pedals that lacks of a tone stack or that has one that you don’t feel it takes the best out of your unite.
Our ultimate goal is to allow YOU to create your own designs, mixing and experimenting with classic effects, with one knob fuzzes and more!
Important! You should be able to read schematics to fully understand how and where to add this eqs on the best possible way.


Hybrid EQ


Hybrid EQ Baxandall Bass and Treble + Active Mids. Designed to be plugged into your existing pedals that lack of a good tone control. As presented on the REVV G3 and G4.


Active EQ


Active EQ Composed of a Bass and Middle active control, with a passive cut on the trebble side. Includes a clipping stage and a character trimpot to dial how much compression the diodes will apply on the signal. This project features two outputs, conceived for those models with high volume output to use one as a direct to the FX loop of a power amp and the second one for a more pedalboard friendly approach. The main section of this Circuit has been based and inspired on the Friedman models.


Order Switch PCB


Pedal Wiring Guide


We always include our Easy 3PDT with each of project on our site, but if you wanna you can order some extra for your additional projects! In this pack we include 5 Easy 3PDT boards.

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Project overview:
Based on DSM Omnicab sim. This device let the musician to define his own sound and getting an accurate Cab reproduction of it when recording and playing live gigs. This version doesn’t feature balanced output. Suitable for direct recording into your audio interface, supports both bass and guitar.


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