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Beginner Projects

Beginners’s Pack

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The Beginner’s Pack is a selection of the best projects for start building your own pedals. Including La Rata Multi-board Acapulco Lite Amazing Booster Angry Carlos Mad Blue Delay Easy-3pdt board x6

Drives & Fuzz

Reaper Device


Based on EQD Tone Reaper Project overview: The Reaper is based on the legendary (3-knob) tone bender with a hybrid silicon germanium circuit that allows you to dial an array of tones from every bender version. It is also great for anyone looking for high gain style grind tone at its higher fuzz settings.

Drives & Fuzz

Ojo Diablo


Project overview:
The Ojo Diablo! Is a versatile low to medium gain overdrive with an exceptionally dynamic response. It preserves the character of your instruments and is very sensitive to your playing technique. Thanks to the effective and musical controls, the Diablo works equally well with any kind of guitar, amp or playing style.

Drives & Fuzz

La Rata Multi-board


Based on the Famous Proco Rat

La Rata takes the maximum advantage of one of the most iconic drives, the Pro co’s Rat. This board allows you to build many different versions of this classic drive, from the 1978 original with the LM308 to the ones currently in production. We also added the most popular mods on it, such as diode selector, Sweep control (the famous ruetz mode) and Softness control for the clipping section.

Beginner Projects

Rock Box


Avaible since second week of March. Overdrive Based on the Zvex's Box of Rock, with booster on-board. Difficulty level: Begginer. Ammount of parts: Low Availability of componets: Average. All the components are pretty easy to get. Just take special note on the “C” type potentiometers, anti logarithmic audio type.


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