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Drives & Fuzz

Thunder Lead

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Inspired on the tone of the Marshall Superlead, part of the series 'Develop your own Preamp' where you can combine preamp sections of iconic amplifiers with different types of eqs in order to create your own custom boutique pedal.

Drives & Fuzz

Clockwork Orange


Project overview:
Jfet conversion of the Orange Graphic MKII  ™ that delivers a thick and saturated drive. This project really stands out from the standard Jfet amp emulators due the nature of its schematic, you can find the baxandall eq at the beginning, in between the first and second gain stages, to have total control of your tone before the signal gets saturated. But what makes this project and the original Orange Graphic MKII so interesting is the FAC switch that acts as a high pass filter in between the third and fourth stages, allowing you to do dial your tone in unique ways.


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