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Drives & Fuzz

Tone Conqueror


Project overview:

A Fuzzrious Gated Fuzztortion based on Way Huge’s Conquistador, with roots in the classic Tone Bender MKIII. Total gated Velcro stoner fuzz tone!

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Have you ever wonder how it will be an Acapulco gold with extended EQ? or how nice it would be a Tube screamer with an active EQ section? Maybe Wampler Plexi with the Eq Section of the Freeman Be-od to make your own ultimate plexi? Well now all of that is possible with our new EQ pack, consisting of 5 modular boards with the isolated tone controls of some of the most famous pedals out there.
We created the EQ packs answering our need of creating and developing new projects. This set of 5 different EQ sections had been designed with the idea of being an add-on to any of pedals that lacks of a tone stack or that has one that you don’t feel it takes the best out of your unite.
Our ultimate goal is to allow YOU to create your own designs, mixing and experimenting with classic effects, with one knob fuzzes and more!
Important! You should be able to read schematics to fully understand how and where to add this eqs on the best possible way.


Hybrid EQ


Hybrid EQ Baxandall Bass and Treble + Active Mids. Designed to be plugged into your existing pedals that lack of a good tone control. As presented on the REVV G3 and G4.

Drives & Fuzz

Reaper Device


Based on EQD Tone Reaper Project overview: The Reaper is based on the legendary (3-knob) tone bender with a hybrid silicon germanium circuit that allows you to dial an array of tones from every bender version. It is also great for anyone looking for high gain style grind tone at its higher fuzz settings.

Drives & Fuzz

Pineapple Drive


Based on: Wampler’s Pinnacle Effect type: EVH “brown sound” distortion Build difficult: Medium Amount of parts: Average, total 63 components Enclosure type: 125B


Project overview:
Based on one of the most famous and boutique overdrives, the Knight Of tone takes to the limit the possibilities you can get out of this circuit; featuring many possible mods such as external presence control, internal charge pump, and external toggles to select in between the three modes, boost, overdrive and distortion.


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