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Based on Earthqueaker Devices's Life Pedal.

Project overview:

What happens when you mix a Rat with an Octaver and a Booster? TOTAL DOOM. That is the secret behind EQD hyped Life Pedal, that one that was sold out after a few hours of being released. But you don’t have to wait any longer for long waiting lists or pay a huge ton of money to DOOM your tone; now you can build it your own with our PCBs!

Drives & Fuzz

La Rata Multi-board


Based on the Famous Proco Rat

La Rata takes the maximum advantage of one of the most iconic drives, the Pro co’s Rat. This board allows you to build many different versions of this classic drive, from the 1978 original with the LM308 to the ones currently in production. We also added the most popular mods on it, such as diode selector, Sweep control (the famous ruetz mode) and Softness control for the clipping section.


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