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Drives & Fuzz

Forestal Device


Inspired by Earthquaker devices Westwood  Project overview: Translucent overdrive pedal tool that excels at pulling the most harmonically rich drive from any amplifier. Somehow related to Paul Cochrane’s Timmy, features an active bass and treble control and up to 20db level boost. For this pedal we included the possibility of adding a diode selector toggle to choose in between two different sets of diodes

Beginner Projects

Steel Stingray


Project overview:
The hype that surrounds Alexander Dumble’s creations has led to an entire cottage industry of builders trying to replicate that sound on a pedal board friendly approach. Vertex Effects’ take on a Dumble Steel String Singer is billed as a “clean drive,” but you will be quite surprised with how much gain the SS could churn out. In front of a clean amp, the pedal got very growly and, at times, heavy on the low end. Our Steel Stingray makes possible to achieve all that Dumble tone, in an affordable super easy to build pedal, ideal for beginners in the pedal building, but also solder masters will be delighted by play with this machine.


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