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Drives & Fuzz

Death by Flaming Ring


Inspired by DBA Flaming lips Space ring

Delay & Modulation

Echo Nightmare


Everytime you face a Death by Audio pedal you are in front of a challenge! For this case we have this fuzz-reverb-delay-noise machine featuring a pt2399, one dual opamp (MC3372 on the original, could be replaced by more common ones), one discontinued and hard to find XR2206, plus an internal voltage duble in charge of [...]

Delay & Modulation

Dead Robot


Inspired on the Robot by Death By audio  

Drives & Fuzz

Freeman BE-OD


Based on the Friedman BE-OD. Versatile Overdrive, from classic british flavored tones to the high gain territory. Difficulty level: Intermediate. Ammount of parts: Moderate Availability of componets: Average. All the components are pretty easy to get. Just take special note on the "C" type potentiometers, anti logarithmic audio type.


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